About George

George Dodge Jr. is a native of Santa Rosa and graduated from Santa Rosa High School in 1975.  After spending several years in the United States Navy on board a destroyer, he returned to Santa Rosa to enter the business world and start a family with his wife Kathy.  George and Kathy have three children and three granddaughters; Abran, who is serving in the U.S. Navy, his wife Lisa and daughters Rachel and Lauren, Renee and daughter Madison and Son Adam.  Renee and Adam run the family businesses that consist of the Dairy Queen and Comfort Inn of Santa Rosa.

George graduated with a Bachelors degree in History and Political Science from New Mexico Highlands University in 1993 and a Masters degree in Education Administration in 1995.  He was with the Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools for 27 years starting as a school bus contractor in 1980.  He began his teaching career in 1993 and has taught in the classroom, coached football, basketball and baseball.  George became principal at Santa Rosa High School in 1998 and continued until his retirement in 2006.

It is these experiences and qualifications that George brings to us as he humbly asks for your support as our State Representative.


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