Jobs and Economic Development

My background in small business helps me understand how we can grow existing businesses and attract new ones.

  • I will work to provide tax credits to New Mexican businesses that create new jobs.
  • I will work to require out-of-state companies to pay the same tax rates as local firms.
  • I will fight to enrich and expand job training opportunities such as technical schools, colleges and universities.
  • I will work to further strengthen the 2009 Green Jobs Bill.



For more than fifteen years I was a teacher, coach and principal at Santa Rosa High School.  I believe we must invest even further in both K-12 and higher education.  The historic Public Education Reform program in 2003 was a good first step…raising teacher pay, developing a multi-tier teacher classification, toughening student standards, and increasing school accountability.  The key here is to let teachers actually teach, rather than simply teaching to pass a standardized test.  Less investment here risks making our area and children less competitive both in New Mexico and our region.  I refuse to let that happen.



Renewable Energy

New Mexico is well positioned to become a leader in promoting renewable energy, especially wind and solar power.  We can provide tax credits and support new incubator start-ups to foster this growth.  Expansion here can produce hundreds, if not thousands, of new, good paying jobs.  This can help lower utility bills for New Mexicans.


Public Ethics

I am as tired of the political scandals and innuendos about pay-to-play deals as anyone.  I have been a responsible citizen in Eastern New Mexico.  I will be a responsible State Representative.  I will support the creation of an Independent Ethics Commission and work tirelessly to enact tough, new laws on campaign contributions and public contracts.  The citizens of New Mexico and House District 63 have that right and I have that responsibility.



Our Military Families

Cannon Air Force Base, our military families, and veterans have a significant impact on our area.  I am a veteran with a son currently serving in the Navy.  I understand the trials and tribulations in their lives.  I will be there for them, just as they are there for all of us.

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